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Love your life.


Age: 21
Hair color: Brown
Sign: Gemini
Hair length: Long hair
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Sexual preference: Bisexual
Smoking: Not smoking
Height: 5'3" / 160 cm
Favourite position: Exotic position
Weight: 95 lbs. / 43 kg
BodyArt: Piercing
Eye color: Blue eyes

Received Gifts



Feel free to ask, make any suggestions, we’ll see what I can do about it. 😘  When I’m offline, you can send me messages via gifts. I’ll reply to them here. You can even make some video suggestions. If I can’t do something in VIP chat or in Private, I may try to do it in a video, so you can watch it any time.




  I’m a fierce energy bomb who is always cheerful and loves to get naughty.

I'm not a type of girl who likes to suck/lick and push up plastic things into her vagina!


Turn ons:👍

Men who know their desires and passionate women. I like people with a good sense of humour.



Turn offs:👎

Rudeness disgusting things and urging.




💛VIP chat:💛

Striptease, dancing, changing costume, masturbation are basic things in this category. You can even ask for body oiling. I can show you my serial orgasm skills quickly and slowly, too. We can play some controll games, or we can make erotic storytimes. I’m doing my best to fufill your desires. Just ask and we can discuss anything. Please be patient! Good work needs time! 😘


💜Private chat:💜

You can choose anything mentioned above plus you can ask for a rough tongue, we can do some roleplays, hang out and just have a friendly chat/sex chat. Here, I happily listen to your personal matters, problems and give you some advice if I can.



Last but not least,



💚Free chat:💚

You can check out my full body dressed up, I can show you my legs if that turns you on. We can chat, we can flirt, or even make some jokes.

🎁For gifts you can ask for:

Showing you my body just in lingerie,


😇If you send me a hammock chair/deck-chair/mobile phone/smaragdite, I can start a storytime/answer your erotic questions.😇





I'm not allowed to share any data about my location.


I don’t like rude people. If you start insulting or annoying me, I’ll block you.