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  • 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
  • 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
  • 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
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Age: 31
Hair color: Brown
Sign: Aries
Hair length: Long hair
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Sexual preference: Bisexual
Height: 5'59" / 163 cm
Favourite position: Anal
Eye color: Green eyes


If I'm momentarily not online, then...

I like artistic way of being and intuitive, sensual dancing.

The best party, I ever attended

That was a party for artists in a hidden place. It was a big surprise where my friends took me. There were many paintersm, sculptors and beautiful models. I've become a muse for one of the artists. Party turned very wild after few hours...

My favorite sport

Jogging in the forest and s...

The best book, I ever read

The Golden Book of saint Germain. I like that quantum world, where everything and everyone is in the superposition.

I would love to live in this city

I don't want to live in a big city. I wanna live near the forest and lake. I want to live in peace with nature. Would you like to be my lumberjack?

A perfect date would look like this

On the perfect date i'll be treated like a queen. Sometimes i like some thrill in my life. I love fast rides, you can take me for one like that !

I would love to do this at some point

I'm not gonna die. I'll live forever. I have no bucket list. I always do when and what i want.

I would take this items with me to a desert island

I dont need to take anything. I have good imagination... Maybe i will take you ?

A dream partner would look like this

Intelligent for sure... Calm in public, wild with me.

The thing I like most on me

That feeling of the liberty and abundance. I fell like godess in the human body. I wish it to everyone.

My best characteristics

Always positive, creative and sensual

My favourite music

Just good music, not any special kind. I always listen something similar to my mood.

My favourite dish

Vegeterian, indian, chinese

What I like most about sex?

It depends on my mood, you can check it ;)

What do I dislike in sex?

I'll let you know if you do something i don't like. Anyway i'm really open minded.

What was my hottest experience?

It was very spontaneous with the girl i met on the beach...

What do I wish in sex?

Treat me like a queen and give me a lot of pleasure. I will return you all best then!

What do I like to try?

Bungee jumping from the high bridge with touching the river with my hands.

My favourite sex position

You can try with me all the kamasutra positions. I like the most those, where you can be really deep...

My sexual fantasies

Have you seen the movie ''Eyes Wide Shut''?

My most exceptional sex experience

Im sure you're curious, but you will need to ask me yourself!

My most exiting erotic experience

It was with the stranger girl... in public place !

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